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In his recent "Portrait Series", Liccione explores the possibility of modern concepts through developing a unique personal style while maintaining an originality of design.

In this series the artist reflects on the "Corridor of Time" theme by preserving the technical principles of the Old Masters. Inspired by old photographs of family members of a time long past, these portrait paintings are brought to life where expressions and mood interests are captured in limited color values.

These "Captivating Portraits" form a testimonial journey-an adventure in the life of the sitters that comprises an era belonging to the "Greatest Generation".


The age-old procedure of commissioning artworks still continues to this day. What better way to preserve military or wartime memories in paintings rendered from war photographs of combat, units, barracks and servicemen in uniforms?

Military families of all countries, whether they have a current, recent or historic family member who served in their Nation's military service, desires to preserve their family legacy in Art for eternal generations into the future. Mr. Liccione is available to provide your family a painting to be treasured and cherished for generations to come.

The artist's representative welcomes all inquires:

Alex Liccione
4 Heritage Lane
LaGrangeville, New York 12540-5947



Liccione's resume is available to Museum and Gallery curators, art connoisseurs and art collectors upon request.

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